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I have been in business for one year and four months. God finally blessed me with a team, but I was stuck on being a boss and giving them the tools to succeed and grow with the company. One day, I was scrolling on Facebook and ran across a post from Brandi. She was offering group business coaching for six weeks. That same day, I reached out to her. I was nervous, but at the same time, I needed it. We needed it so we could be successful as a TEAM. 

Let's say that was the BEST decision I made for us. Brandi didn't play any games; she was knowledgeable and gave it to us raw, and that's exactly what we needed. The tools she gave me improved our communication skills, delegating tasks, and more. She listened to how we felt and brought it to the table so we could understand and start implementing things into our daily work schedule.

I can admit she opened my eyes, made me dig deep, and made me realize that I AM the Boss and I'm doing an excellent job at it. She uplifted me in so many ways and made me cry good tears. She made me feel confident, and that's what I was lacking. She said, "Tori, you not only invested in yourself, you invested in your team, which means a lot. People aren't investing in their teams, but you are, and that speaks a lot about you."  

Brandi kept her word when she said I could call when I needed some coaching, and she meant that!

Brandi, thank you for giving Toi's Compassionate Care LLC the tools we needed to become a successful management team.

Tori Buckner


My experience with Brandy has been amazing! She has taught me a lot. She’s very hands-on and her advice has been spot on. She paints the bigger picture and looks at longevity instead just right now. Brandy is inclusive and willing to bring you into the fold to help grow and promote you and your business .

Tionda Harris


What a pleasure and privilege it has been working with Brandy Nicole! Brandy took on the role as my business coach to help with the rebranding of my mental health support organization called Healed 2 Heels. With her guidance and cunning approach, Healed 2 Heels was ready for launch in no time! With her help, H2H has already exceeded my personal expectations! I’d highly encourage anyone to work with Brandy. If you’re looking for some REAL business coaching, she’s the woman for the job!

Jessica Murphy


We hired Brandy as a speaker at one of our conferences. She is very motivational and well spoken with her message to the audience. Would highly recommend.

Jerry Williams

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