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Brandy Nicole is a world renowned serial entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, author, and mentor with over 10 years of experience. Born and raised in the inner city of Indianapolis, Indiana, with the guidance and wisdom of her great grandmother, she found herself always in survival mode and trying to make a better life for herself. When her great grandmother sadly passed away, she moved in with her mother and yet again found herself trying to figure out life. Her ambition led her on the road to entrepreneurship and she began working at 15-years-old. Although still young, she graduated and received her bachelor's degree while working and raising her son.

Speaker. Coach. Mentor. Author

Brandy Nicole

Brandy began her collegiate work experience for the State of Indiana. Quickly advancing and becoming the youngest black woman in her company to be promoted to branch manager in less than a year, she thrived and quickly mastered human resources, leadership training, and sales. After several years, she developed a deep desire to run her own business using everything she learned from working 9 to 5, her own abilities, education, and passions.


She took a leap of faith into full-time entrepreneurship and launched Love4Traveling, LLC. a full service travel agency that specializes in destination weddings and group travel serving thousands of people, generating over six figures in only the first two years in business. Later she decided to expand, and opened Living in the Moments Events, which is the only combined event and travel venue in Indianapolis making this the first of its kind in her city. She was able to successfully achieve this during the pandemic while most businesses were closing down and has grossed over one million dollars in sales. 

Always one to give back, Brandy started mentoring for the Trusted Mentors Organization, working with young adults, the homeless population, and women dealing with domestic violence issues. In addition, on her journey to give back, she has released a new book, Live in the Moment, 7 Keys to Ignite your Passion, Live your Purpose and Chase your Dreams, which teaches individuals how to find, commit and live within their purpose.

Brandy earned her Bachelor's degree from Indiana University in criminal justice and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.


  • From Idea to Enterprise: Navigating the Essentials of Starting a Successful Business

  • Sustaining Success: 5 Ways to Grow Your Business and Generate 6-Figures 

  • Excuse the Interruption: The Power of Being the Only One in the Room

  • Rising from the Ashes: Discovering Hope and Healing in the Aftermath of Loss

  • Against All Odds: Unleashing Your Unique Brilliance to Stand Out and Succeed

Brandy Nicole


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