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Fulfillment is an impossible mission for a soul that never found its essence. Until you discover the purpose for your existence, you cannot uncover and unleash the best in you. Purpose discovery has been the greatest challenge for many people, however, you are about to find answers to real questions that will place your feet firmly on the path to purpose discovery and fulfillment. Purpose answers the question “Why?” It defines the reason you journey. It explains your mission on Earth. It demystifies your assignment in humanity. When you collide with purpose, your understanding of yourself comes alive, and your inward self begins to gain outward expression. Then, you are truly LIVING IN THE MOMENT, not just existing. “Live in the Moment, 7 Keys to Ignite Your Passion, Live Your Purpose and Chase Your Dreams,” will give you the keys to transform your mind and set your heart on fire for what matters most.

Live in the Moment: 7 Keys to Ignite Your Passion, Live Your Purpose and Chase Y

  • If you are not located in the Indianapolis area, please order the book off of Amazon! (Linked Here)  This will provide you with the fastest and cheapest shipping option!

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