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"In life we make choices, learn and live with them unapologetically." 

- Brandy Nicole

Speaker. Coach. Mentor. Author

Brandy is available for webinars, virtual and physical conferences, workshops, masterminds, panel discussions, seminars, group coaching, and more! 


Brandy Nicole News

As an author, I share stories of hope and life-changing epiphanies through my writing. Through my books, I want to motivate and inspire my readers to explore the possibilities of a life filled with passion and purpose.

My latest work,
Live in the Moment, 7 Keys to Ignite your Passion, Live your Purpose and Chase your Dreams, is set to release soon. It’s a story about finding your passion turning it in to profit, a journey of self-discovery, and finding the courage to turn dreams into reality. Be on the lookout for this book and stay tuned for more of my upcoming work.

Brandy Nicole Coaching

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Let's Take Off Coaching is here to help! With a passion for connecting people to the right resources and a deep desire to help others reach their goals, Brandy Nicole is the perfect partner for anyone ready to make a change. Let's get started

Brandy Nicole Speaking


I'm Brandy Nicole, a professional speaker and entrepreneur based in the US. I'm passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their full potential by providing guidance and advice. I specialize in speaking about topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, and female empowerment.

I have a knack for creating engaging and inspiring talks, and I bring a unique perspective to the stage. It’s my mission to help business owners turn their dreams into reality and achieve success. 

Brandy Nicole

Brandy Nicole is a world-renowned serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses to her name. From travel and weddings/event planner to venue owner, Brandy’s expertise and passion for business is unmatched. In addition to her business ventures, she is a highly sought-after speaker, business coach, HR consultant, mentor and author. Her passion for helping others succeed has made her an inspirational leader in the business world. Discover how Brandy can help you create success and reach your goals by exploring her website today

Brandy Nicole
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